Tire & Wheel Builder

Tire & Wheel Builder Preview

Redesign website component for easier tire and wheel package customization.

Lead UI/UX Designer
Illustrator, Photoshop & XD
Tire & Wheel Builder Desktop & Mobile


While migrating Nivel’s flagship B2B website to a new platform we opened up the new version of the website to a selection of dealers. One of the biggest pain points for dealers was the new tire and wheel builder so I was tasked to redesign it for a better user experience. I wireframes, mockups and prototypes based on the feedback from the dealers and then worked with the third party developers to implement the new design. While we did receive some additional feedback for future improvements, dealers were overall happy with the new design and found it to be more useful than the one on the legacy website.

Tire & Wheel Builder Challenge

The Challenge

During the end of development of the new Nivel Parts website we opened up the website to a select group of dealers for beta testing. We received a lot of feedback from dealers and one of the biggest pain points for them was the new tire and wheel builder. Their feedback was it did not work as well as the legacy builder and was hard to navigate. I was tasked to take the dealer feedback and rapidly redesign the builder to be more user friendly while capturing some of the features of the old builder.

Lofi Mockup on laptop

The Solution

I worked through wireframes and mockups with the project manager and then created prototypes to share with leadership. We were given the green light to proceed with development. The project manager worked with the third party development team to implement the new design and then worked with their QA team to finalize the design and functionality.

Tire & Wheel Builder on Mobile

The Results

Dealers were mostly happy with the new design. We received feedback we could utilize for future revisions and we found that there was an increase in usage with the new builder over the builder on the legacy website.