Snorkel Your ATV homepage on desktop and mobile.

Snorkel Your ATV

ATV e-commerce website redesign.


Nivel acquired Snorkel Your ATV in early 2022, and I saw an opportunity to improve their website’s design and user experience. The branding needed to be flushed out, and the original website was challenging to navigate. I started the project by cleaning up their logo and selecting colors based on samples of some of their leading products. I quickly created wireframes and mockups. I decided to develop a website demo to kickstart the project. I presented my demo to leadership, who was happy with the results but ultimately migrated the products to a different website and shuttered the Snorkel Your ATV website. They did want to utilize the work I had started for future projects.

Project Info

UI/UX Design, Front-End Development
Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, VS Code
SYATV Demo on Mobile

Demo Website

I created the demo in PHP and used Bootstrap 4. The checkout process is incomplete, so the buttons to proceed to checkout are disabled. Clicking on the My Account link in the header will take you to a login page. Click Sign In, and it will bring you to the Account pages.

You can view the demo website by clicking on this link: here.