Pacific Rim & Trim

PacRim Redesign Preview

B2B automotive ecommerce website redesign.

Lead UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, & VS Code
PacRim Homepage Desktop / Mobile


Refresh the website so it was more inline with the new accessories catalog I created. I created mockups and utilized updates I created while working on a B2C version of the website. While not all visual elements were carried over to the website from the mockups, I was able to optimize the template, css and scripts to increase the load time and Lighthouse score.

PacRim Legacy on Laptop

The Challenge

Update the website theme so it was more inline with the styling of the 2019 accessories catalog which I had just completed. I also had updates I made while working on a B2C version of the website that I could implement during the process.

New homepage on laptop

The Solution

I created some quick mockups and set off to optimize the website. I had updates from the B2C version of the website I was able to incorporate to enhance content areas.

New homepage on mobile

The Results

While not a lot of the visuals made it into the update, the optimization of the front end framework, css and scripts increased load times and raised its Lighthouse score.