Caitec homepage on desktop and mobile.

B2C Shopify pet store website redesign.


After starting with Caitec, my first project was to help lead the design and development of Caitec’s Shopify website. After assessing the project’s progress, I saw ways to improve the branding, look and feel, and user experience. Even though we had limited resources, I quickly created a design system, user flows, mock-ups, and other UX artifacts to help refine the work the development team had already done. I continued working closely with the team to finish the website. Feedback from leadership and customers was positive. Customers found it easier to navigate and find products than the previous website version on WooCommerce.

Project Info

UI/UX Design, Front-End Development
Illustrator, Photoshop & XD
Caitec early design on laptop

The Challenge

When I started with Caitec, their retail e-commerce website had not been updated in years. Many components needed to be updated or were entirely broken, especially the mobile navigation, which made it impossible to navigate the website, locate products, and checkout. Development on the new Shopify website version had already begun when I started, so I had to quickly identify pain points with the current user experience and design.

New Caitec website on laptop

The Solution

I focused on creating a user-centered design with a mobile-first approach. I quickly developed a design system, user flows, mockups, and other UX artifacts for the work that had already begun. I collaborated closely with the development team, including providing updated HTML and CSS code snippets to help us stay on track with our timeline. Once we updated the existing work, we could move forward with the other development tasks. Throughout the project, I continued to work closely with the team to provide new wireframes, mockups, code snippets, and feedback to ensure that we stayed on track.

New Caitec Shopify website on Mobile

The Results

We launched our new website to a select group of internal stakeholders and customers for a limited beta test. Their feedback was instrumental in refining the overall user experience before the official launch. Thanks to their input, we could move the website live quickly. The response from both customers and leadership was overwhelmingly positive. Although I don’t have specific figures, the updated platform and user experience have helped to increase customer engagement and sales, especially on mobile devices.