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B2C Automotive Accessories eCommerce website.

Lead UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, & VS Code
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Nivel wanted a new B2C automotive accessories website based using the same platform as their B2B automotive accessories website. I worked with the platform developers and our project manager to create a copy of the B2B website. Once the platform created a sandbox for the new website, I did the design and front end development of the new theme. The website was completed on time but new leadership canceled the project while we were waiting on retail pricing.

HCG on laptop

The Challenge

The website was built on a legacy ASP.NET platform but used Bootstrap 3 for most of the website. The account section, shopping cart and checkout were somewhat responsive but utilized legacy table based layouts. We were given two weeks to clone the B2B website, create a new theme and enable the functionality so customers could create accounts (the B2B website used a manual process). While we worked on the website, the pricing and merchandising teams worked on retail pricing.

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The Solution

Due to the short turnaround time, I was asked to skip wireframes and put together some quick mockups. The previous Hubcap Giant colors were Yellow, Black & White but I was given the liberty to create a new color scheme. The combination of Red, Black and White are associated with automotive so I worked up two quick variations of the color schemes and the Red, Black & White mockup was selected. I then created and implemented the new theme. I cleaned up some of the code and added some logged in/out state content blocks. I also created new retail marketing assets.

HCG on mobile

The Results

The website was completed within the two week deadline and before the pricing team has completed their part of the project. During that time new leadership decided to cancel the project. While the retail website was canceled, I was able to take the improvements I made during that project and incorporate them into the B2B website.


Wirframes, mockups and prototypes.