Tootsville: Avatar Outfits

Tootsville Costumes Main

Costumes assets for a Flash-Based F2P MMORPG.

RES Interactive, LLC.
Game Artist
Flash & Illustrator
Props - All Directions

Styling & Profiling

At RES Interactive I worked on many aspects of Tootsville, a Flash-based MMORPG game, and creating new assets for the avatars was one of them. The game used a 2-D six directional multi-layer avatar so when creating new clothing and assets for the avatar, we would need to draw the clothing on different layers for each position.

T for Toot with layers panel

Toots Are Like Onions

Typically we would only need to draw four directions and flip the East and West for the other
positions but there were times when an accessory was only used on one side.


A selection of costume designs for the Tootsville avatar.