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Everything Carts Responsive Redesign Preview

B2C eCommerce website responsive redesign.

Lead UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer
Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, & VS Code
Everything Carts Responsive Redesign


A couple weeks before Google’s deadline for mobile-first indexing, leadership pushed for the eCommerce team to update the templates of two of our non-responsive websites to responsive templates. I quickly put together mockups and worked with the platform developer to create a new dev environment where I could work on the new responsive template. I was able to implement the new template before the two week deadline. With the new template we saw an increase in mobile conversions for the first time in the website’s history, plus the website passed Google’s mobile-first indexing and had high Lighthouse scores.

Legacy Everything Carts website

The Challenge

With only a couple weeks left before Google implemented it’s mobile-first indexing, the eCommerce team was tasked to update the non-responsive template of Everything Carts and update the setup and template of another B2C website. While both websites had dedicated 3rd party developers to handle setting up new dev environments and implementing the skeletons of the new templates, there were only three designers on our team to handle these two projects as well as other daily tasks. While the new template was responsive, the account, cart and checkout used tables for their layouts so it did cause some issues with making those sections fully responsive.

Everything Carts on table

The Solution

I created mockups for both websites and handed off the mockup to the other B2C website to that platform’s developer and our two junior web designers while I focused on Everything Carts. The platform had a barebones Bootstrap 3 template we could use so that helped save some time. I created the new responsive template, new marketing banners, and banner templates for the different breakpoints to hand off to the marketing team.

Everything Carts on mobile

The Results

We were able to meet the two week deadline. Mobile conversions were up, we passed Google’s mobile-first indexing and the Lighthouse scores were almost perfect, which for a legacy website was a feat.