Absolut Wild Berri Landing Page
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Absolut Wild Berri

Landing page design for personal development.


This project started by exploring clipping video with text using CSS, which I achieved. However, I found that using live text limited me to a black background. I then moved to using SVG text to clip videos and had more control over the transparency and background behind the video. The footage I initially picked is the one used on the landing page. I developed the exercise further and selected a landing page from Absolut’s website as a base for my page.

For the landing page, I saw some areas where I could improve the color contrast for better accessibility and make the styling more consistent throughout the page. For this example, I also decided not to use any front-end frameworks and kept it simple with HTML, CSS/SASS, and Vanilla JavaScript. Since this was a weekend project, I used SwiperJS for the two carousels and AOS (Animate On Scroll) to save myself some time, but everything else was hand-coded.

Project Info

Designer, Front-End Developer
Illustrator, Photoshop, VS Code