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Branding, UI Kit & simple website design for a a automated AI consulting firm.


I had the opportunity to design a second logo for a consultant and their client, building on our previous success in creating a logo for one of their other businesses. In addition to the logo, they wanted a UI kit crafted for use with a Squarespace website they were creating for a client and making the initial design of the website’s main navigation, footer, and homepage.

Project Info

Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, VS Code
AAS Logo Examples

Logo Designs

I created the first version of the log using sketches provided by the client. We went through a few iterations before the client decided to change direction. They offered additional sketches for a second version of the logo. After we iterated over the second logo, the client agreed that we revise the first design, which, after a few tweaks, the client signed off. We also selected brand colors during this process.

UI Kit cover

UI Kit

While working on the logo, I collaborated with the consultant responsible for developing the client’s website to create a simple UI kit tailored to the basic setup of the Squarespace dashboard. I chose Roboto as the sole font family for the website design and included Tabler icons for additional icons unavailable through Squarespace. The initial version of the UI Kit I provided contains the essential elements, with the page layout resembling the setup of the Squarespace dashboard to assist the consultant in quickly establishing the website’s basic design. We will continue to refine the design and update the UI Kit accordingly, and I will make additional additions to the component library as necessary.

View the latest version of the UI Kit.

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Website Design

In the initial discovery of the project, the consultant asked if I would design the homepage for the client’s website. This would include the header and footer design as well. The content was still being developed, but I was provided a basic outline of content and links to websites the client liked regarding the look and feel they wanted for the website. I also considered the limited options the consultant would have when setting up a website on Squarespace.

In addition to the mockups I provided, I developed a demo website utilizing Bootstrap 5 and SASS to help with additional inspiration for the final website. I also used a AI image generator tool to create the images used in the demo..

View demo website