Nivel email example on desktop and mobile.

Nivel Emails


As the Senior Designer at Nivel, I developed hand-coded response email templates that were utilized throughout the company’s different divisions and B2C/B2B channels. We primarily used Klaviyo for our email service but also used MailChimp and others, which were migrated to Klaviyo over time. Eventually, we migrated the hand-coded templates to templates developed using Klaviyo’s built-in tools.

In addition to developing marketing emails and templates, I created forms and flows and managed customer lists and segments.

Project Info

Illustrator, Photoshop, Klaviyo

Buggies Unlimited

A selection of emails created for a B2C golf cart accessories website.

Nivel HD

A selection of emails created for B2C Automotive & Heavy Duty parts and accessories websites.

Nivel SV

A selection of emails created for a B2B golf cart accessories websites.

Email Templates

A selection of hand coded responsive HTML email templates.