Potter Series


Snape Main

Digital illustrations and sketches inspired by the Harry Potter series.

Personal Project
Illustrator & Photoshop
Time Frame
Harry Potter Illstration

It Started With A Doodle

This started with a doodle of Snape while reading through the Harry Potter books. I had already seen a few of the movies so of course I visualized the movie versions of the characters while readin. I then decided to do additional character sketches and then digital illustrations.

Snape Illustration

My Process

I first created the base elements in Adobe Illustrator and then brought those elements into Photoshop as smart objects. Next, I started painting on multiple layers just using a mouse. Unfortunately, I only got two of the characters completed before moving on to other projects.

Brushed Metal & Darker Icon Variants


I’ve included the original Snape doodle that kicked off this series as well as the additional character sketches.They were sketched with a ballpoint pen.