Docland On iPad

Puzzle game for iOS.

RES Interactive, LLC.
Designer, Illustrator, & Animator
Flash & Illustrator
Time Frame
January 2012
In Game UI


Docland was a game for the iPad that RES Interactive developed for a pediatrician who was looking for custom games children could play while in the waiting room of his clinic. The CEO did the story and basic character cut scene sketches. I handled most of the backgrounds, loading screen, UI, finalizing characters and bird illustration/animations, as well as designing and creating the catapults (ambulances).

Prototype Start Screen


I’ve created a UI Kit and quick prototype of the game UI. Links are here.

Below is a list of options you have while navigating the prototype.

  • Loading Screen: The loading screen is on a delay and will automatically switch to the Start Screen.
  • Start Screen: Both the Settings and Links menu buttons expand the menus. Audio and Music buttons toggle. The Start Button takes you to the Stage Select Screen.
  • Stage Select: Click the center Stage cart to continue to the Level Select screen or click back to go back to the Start screen.
  • Level Screen: Level 1 and 2 will take you to the In-Game UI screen. The Back button takes you to the Stage Select screen.
  • In Game UI: The Menu button opens the menu. The Home (Hospital) takes you to the start screen. Return button resets the game, Level button takes you back to the previous Level screen and the help button opens the first Tutorial screen. Clicking the menu’s edge or outside of the menu will close the menu.


Game UI Prototype & UI Kit.