CIC Planning Group

CIC Logo without text

Logo designs for a consulting company.

CIC Planning Group
CIC logo with text

Primary Logo

The client needed a logo that conveyed the core of who they are. They are a consulting services to local and regional agencies in their efforts to support under-served and high-risk populations. They had a basic idea of what they wanted color wise but left the rest to me. I worked through a few variations before we landed on the final design. Using their initials, I was able to show a central figure working within a system of data. It showed they were the keystone for projects, bringing together different agencies and resources.

Trinsic Logo

Trinsic Logo

The client needed an additional logo for a new service they were offering. I did not have too many details but they did ask me to use cooler colors with this logo. We eventually decided to use the primary company colors in the final design.


A sample of the variants of the two logos.